Despite good positions of Walltopia in climbing industry and market, every sport needs permanent progress to keep public interest. Globalization requires new strategies and solutions in order to satisfy each customer all over the world. This project tries to offer a universal and sustainable wall.
It consists of two parts:
1. Concept - Searching and analyzing specific earth and rock shapes which could be interpreted to the language of design. Every module has a unique and well-known “natural” name so it could be called and memorized by customers and users. There are three groups of modules - facade modules, corner modules and special modules. First ones are the main modules - most of them are 4,8x12m (with 3m extension on top), so it’s easy to replace one already assembled module with another. Some of them are made by small surfaces and detailed ornaments, others are more conceptual with bigger flat surfaces and defined shapes. Second group (corner modules) is designed to meet requirements for covering corner of walls etc. Last group is most important:
2. Technical achievements:
Project suggests a special kind of module, called “a lief”. In order for two modules to get connected each other, they should have exatcly the same edges. But it’s not neccessary if they connect by a “transition” module, which gives the opportunity for different modules to be connected - here comes “the leaf”. It has three rotating segments which can turn a straight edge into a curved edge. So we can connect a “straight” module’s profile with a curved one.
Main aspects in the project:
1. unique and symbolic name of each module;
2. universal and interchangable modules with plenty of variety in shapes and sizes;
3. the “leaf” - special module, connecting two others with different profiles.

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