Every surface is defined in space by three points with three coordinates. The simplest plain shape in space is the triangular shape. It’s defined by its vertexes, called later in project “panel ears”. In order to make all of the modules universal and standartized, two of the coordinates of each vertex (x,y) remain constant and only the z-coordinate can change in steps of 30cm. So, if a limit number of panels is needed to assemble a certain design of wall, we also set a limit to the z-coordinate of each panel, which is 180cm. If a higher number of z-coordinate is needed, it could be achieved, but only by assembling extra construction elements on the particular spot and again using the same triangular modules. There’s also “end” modules, they just finish the wall in straight lines, they’re considered for extra modules. Construction for the wall, presented in project, is just an example, but it gives a clear idea about the possibility of the wall.

What project gives and aims:
1. universal wall system, useful in every gym around the globe;
2. easy for production and maintance moduls and construction;
3. unlimited wall design, based on defing the z-coordinate;
4. using the z-coordinate as a design and construction base point;
5. easy for assembly wall construction;
6. easy redesign of the wall (or part of it) once it’s assembled.

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