Sliven is a city with a prominent spirit and character, a true Balkan town with intact memory of Hadji Dimitar, Dobri Chintulov, "hundred leaders", a spiritual center, which continues to produce creative and authentic Bulgarian culture in the incredible charm of the "blue stones". What we tried to create in the shortest day of the competition is dedication to this identity and its preservation.

In developing the concept we have set several goals:
• Linking and rehabilitation of symbolic elements of the urban environment in the center of Sliven, building the spirit of the place;
• Create a homogeneous character of the center;
• Creation of a new quality of the environment through:
-Eliminate the conflict between pedestrians and vehicles and create a better spatial organization; - Development of flexible public spaces with improved opportunities for public appearances and social integration; - Creating improved accessibility for all groups with maximum care for the disadvantaged; - Urban design, consistent with the increased demands of the democratic way of life; - Maximum preservation of large size plants and creating attractive green areas; - Preservation and development of local identity by creating distinctive surface, taking into account the architectural framework of environment preservation and enrich the area with distinctive characters and plastic water attractions and artistic elements connected in a single system; - Use of long-lasting, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, high quality building materials and elements of urban furniture with a long warranty period; - Implementation of energy saving systems for basic and decorative lighting; - Reduce light pollution; - Creating conditions for new patterns and development of local folklore.

Team leaders: arch. Rositsa Zlatanova - Milkova; arch. Petar Cherninkov
Team: arch. Vladimir Milkov; arch. Galina Milkova; arch. Stoycho Dobrev; arch. Vladimir Marinov;
landscape arch. Diana Cholakova; eng. Lachezar Handjiev; eng. Anton Marinov; eng. Boryana Vidinova; eng. Venet Stoychev; eng. Dimitar Nenov.

Download presentation of the project:
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