Human being shows indications of desire to possess since the beginning of human race. We like our property, more precisely we like the idea for the valuable property to be ours and one of the main goal of our life is to preserve this property. The more we have, the more we want. Unfortunately this characteristic lies deep inside the human nature. Only free people would know that there is life outside the "property" world. Especially we care about our property when we go on a long ride. Then we feel like we need to take all of the home stuff with us.
Loft Car is designed not to let us do that. It is a small caravan for two persons, as big as a car. But it satisfies all of our needs so well that it doesn't need to be bigger. At the same time we can take only the most necessary stuff with us. Because of its sizes, it makes us go outside and explore the world. Isn't this the main desire of people who buy and use caravans? Loft Car has sense for us and the rest of the world - it offers handy space inside and is so small that it won't be difficulty for any of us on the road.

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