More green parks?
More clean air for breathing?
Sport and moving at the same time?
Your car at home with you, on plane with you?
Between cars and bicycles?
The end of global warming, bad emissions?
No more need for fuel, repairs, taxes?
The end of petrol companies, automobile companies, insurance companies, service companies?
No more looking for a parking spot?
No more traffic jam?
The end of obesity?

"CT Velo" is a recumbent bicycle which offers two means of propulsion. It has electric light batteries which are the main leading power. When they run out of electricity the driver can charge them by using the bicycle pedals and gears. CT Velo offers something more - it can be folded, thus taking the space of a wheelchair. By this way it could be taken at home or everywhere people go. CT Velo doesn't need fuel or parking space. It has simple construction and design and therefore - it's cheap for production and maintenance. It could avoid traffic jams and at the same time be very stable at high speed because it's able to change the length of its back track. Its enforced construction is made from steel and offers enough passive safety. The cover material for the body is plastic, lined with insulation.
CtVelo has won first prize in the Auto(R) Design Competition for hpv's organized by GrabCAD.

See presentation here:

More about folding system you can see here.

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