This is a project which took a lot of manual labour, eagerness, patience and persistence. At the end, the results are considered to be justifiable.
The project is about the interior design of a four-room apartment in Dimitrovgrad. Limited finances of 2000E led to preservation of some old furniture, which appeared to be contextual with the already designed inner space. The project was built in three steps – the first in 2012, started with the living room (also called "the study" later), the bedroom and the children room; the second step in 2013, with a special focus on the kitchen, the corridor and the terrace; and the last step in 2014, when the bathroom was finished. Fortunately, this time duration didn’t cause any undesirable results in the unity of space. The inner space has a defined traditional character with modern elements. Some furniture and product designs are referred to the Bulgarian revival architecture, but they are combined with the designed space in order to achieve a homogeneous interior. And the interior itself is in correspondence with the outer space and the specific socialist architecture.

Living Room - image

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