You know how "impossible" is to move your living place too often - it takes lot of energy and time to arrange all of your stuff and find the proper transportation. Well, imagine that your house is empty and you have nothing but the stuff you really need, and this stuff is designed in a way that allows to be arranged fast, just for a day, and be ready for transportation... In actual fact, you can switch your living places or move in very fast, without any concern, only if you have "Cube for living". This item is "all in one" solution for your home. It's the proper interior furnishing for areas with natural disasters or for person, who change their living places very often. "Cube for living" gathers several past items, designed by StDOBREV. It has dimensions about 2x2x2 meters in open state and 2x1x2 meters in closed state. It marks the next space areas: kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom. The two first areas are actually included in its volume, the rest are just marked as usable spaces. The items included in this project are: BOA, X-SYSTEM TABLE, X-SYSTEM CHAIR, FOLDING BED, MOBILE LIBRARY.

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